Marble Center was founded at 2000 by Eli Mordof.

Eli was raised in a family that marble was part of the family. His parents had a small marble factory which is one of the first family companies in Tel Aviv.

At 2008 the company opened a colorful and professional gallery at the design area in Bnei Brak and known as Stone Gallery Company.

Today stone gallery is one of the leading companies in Israel and working as a boutique gallery for stone and marble with all the knowledge.

Stone gallery is importing many types and stones from a big variety of countries worldwide. The company attitude is to check and inspect all materials at the factories before bringing it to Israel. That’s why out people are traveling all over to make sure the best selected materials will arrive here. 

We are everywhere visiting marble fairs and new quarries to bring the world to you. 

The company policy is quality and our believe is to hold in stock many materials in tiles and slabs for bathrooms C.T.S.

The professional workers in the company include very experience people in this section and give service at advice and design, selection in and out of Israel, big knowledge of different types and qualities, production and deliveries, drawing and architects items and more …

Stone gallery have production department which make big variety of finishes and designs using the best machinery and knowhow for cutting and processing.

Our people will visit at site and take care of the installation if needed.

Stone gallery is working with a range of architects and designers who are looking for most professional service and solutions. We are willing for any kind of project or client with reasonable prices and best selected materials. 

We know that everything is possible to get if it exists. 

We have the equipment for water jet works, book match C.T.S. works, special cornices, columns. Stairs or skirting and any colored stone you want. 

Your visit is welcomed